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Your best and reliable bet for language translation!

The world is changing and it is changing rapidly! In the blink of an eye, many things could have happened. Unbelievable could have become believable and impossible could have turned possible! Many barriers may have been broken to set new records. Interestingly it is not just movement of people from one place to another place that has made many people well versed with languages spoken at different parts of the globe, but also use of technology that has made the same possible. To elaborate, there are many people who have taken full advantage of technology to get themselves familiarized with multiple languages.

Neels Edit specializes in English to Hindi (and vice versa) language translation of documents, books, manuals, e-learning material, marketing and advertising material, law or medicinal content, and many more. We are equipped with high skilled and experienced native speaking translators, who are not only fluent in Hindi language but also well versed with English language. The advantage that we offer is that we facilitate the clients directly by providing one-to-one interaction. This also serves as a platform to produce high quality translation and value for money service.

A Hindi translation company should be able to facilitate English to Hindi translation and Hindi to English translation in an effective and neat way. While finding Hindi translation company for Hindi translations services one must bring under consideration the following factors.

  • The competency of the translators both from Hindi to English translations and English to Hindi translations.
  • The experience that Hindi translation company has in providing Hindi translations services.
  • The precision translator has in carrying out translation to Hindi and vice versa.

The answer to all the above questions is Neels Edit. It is a company that provides supreme Hindi language translations. Due to the involutions of the Hindi language and the leverage that native speakers take in the versatility of the language, it is very important to have a qualified, professional translator with years of experience. Our experienced and efficient team of translators provides the best translation services by reaching to the exhaustive of the subject matter. Neels Edit is inundated with some really competent and experienced translators who are quite adept in Hindi and English.

Our Strengths

Quality Assurance

To offer customers the best service, we give special attention to quality. We give special emphasis to the factor that the translator must be working into, not out of his native language. In simple words, suppose a translator carries out English to Hindi translation, his native language should be Hindi and at the same time, he should be well versed in English too. In addition, we don’t just pick translators who know two languages but we go for the people who have in depth knowledge about usage of two languages.

Importance of specialized knowledge in a particular field

There are numerous companies which offer language translation service but only a handful of companies offer quality service. As per a current research, some of the reasons why most language translation service providers offer bad quality translation are as follows:

  • Lack of skilled translators
  • Poor translation work
  • Inability to meet deadlines

The working of Neels Edit is of a real serious nature. Neels Edit values the trust shown by the customers to get quality translation. For the same, translators at Neels Edit always try their level best to mirror the meaning of the text exactly as it is in the original copy. Above all, we are well aware of the fact that being competent in multiple languages does not mean a translator can translate any content of a specific field in one language into another. In fact, it is near to impossible that a translator may be excellent at translating any content belonging to any field. Simply put for translating content of a specific field, thorough knowledge of both languages (English and Hindi) and specific field is required. Translating is not just about swapping similar words without knowing context Neels Edit employs translators who not only are proficient in English and Hindi, but also have specialized knowledge in particular fields such as legal, medical, education, history, geography, computer and hardware peripherals, etc. In short if translation work related to a specialized field is required, only that translator is selected for the work who possesses required knowledge of the specialized field. In fact, this is the best way justice can be done to the job.

Efficiency, Rapidness and Reliability

In addition to good knowledge about the languages and specialized fields, only those translators are recruited who are efficient enough to complete the work as per the deadlines. Also special care is taken about confidentiality and privacy of the customers and content. Thus our translators share the same objective of the company, that is, to be efficient, fast and reliable to serve customers in the best possible ways.


We highly value our customer’s requirements, and work in a fast, efficient and reliable way to offer the best to the customer. In fact for the same, we give special importance to the following factors:

  1. Offering high quality translation
  2. Hiring competent, experienced, and high-skilled translators
  3. Selecting native tongue translators
  4. Following ethical practices

So if you are looking for the best, reliable, and efficient translation language service, Neels Edit is the right choice!