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“Good content isn’t about good storytelling. It’s about telling a true story well.” ~ Ann Handley

All the tasks that require expert skills and precision are best left to specialists. Similarly, while most business managers can communicate well, when it comes to writing for your business, it is best to engage professionals. A specialist ensures that information is designed and delivered quickly. One can no longer afford to beat around the bush with wordiness.

Content Writing is an art. For websites, content writing works as a sales person who can optimize the product (SEO content writing), create value (persuasive content writing) and finally sell the product (lead generation through professional website content writing).

At Neels Edit we practice content writing (or copy writing) to empower. Our content writing services for websites and marketing collaterals (such as Brochures, Newsletters, Flyers) are totally business-specific and requirement centric.

Our content writing services entail website content writing, SEO content writing, brochure writing, blog writing, review writing, product descriptions, theme-based article writing, essay writing, editing and more.

Our professional approach makes your content simpler. Our content writers write according to the client’s wish, satisfying him with each and every text. Website reviewing, rewriting and all other genres of writing are provided here!

Your audience –

In the new media, content is king and communication drives businesses. Informative and engaging content can help you attract, engage and retain customers in the online and offline worlds.

Your audience expects more and needs to feel engaged. Before hiring your services or associating with you, clients like to ensure that you are the right resource for their business.

A specialist writer has the right skill sets, resources and checklists to help you communicate, educate, consult and share effortlessly.

We work with you –

Time is a scarce resource. We help you optimize it. We understand the creative development process and work alongside other stakeholders to deliver content as per schedule.

For instance, if you are planning to launch a website, we work alongside your web-design team. While they create the layouts, pages and codes, we develop the web content that can be directly uploaded. You experience peace of mind and your creative teams attain higher efficiency!

Our Strengths

We focus on content

At Neels Edit, we concentrate our energies and resources solely on content. We are totally devoted to content writing and proofreading.

We are content specialists. All our resources are employed for understanding your copywriting requirements and delivering a customized, focused and quality output. Our employed resources include senior writers, subject matter experts, business majors, marketing specialists.

For recurring needs (like newsletters, product profiles, etc.) we have retainers and this ensures that the language, tone, and structure are maintained; and this also makes replicating content strategy across platforms, easy.

The process followed includes –

  • Comprehensive data mining
  • Brainstorming and ideation
  • Dedicated quality checks
  • Multiple-proofreading

Data Safety, Security

Your content is your intellectual property. When you share business critical data with us, we ensure that the same is protected against unauthorized data access.


We pass on 100% copyrights for the content we create. For instance, if you are an e-learning content developer or a communication consultant outsourcing content writing to India, we transfer the complete ownership of the material to you, so that you can use the same for commercial purposes.


Our Content Writing Process

Phase 1: Research

Our job is to write for your business. Hence we invest a significant amount of time and resources to understand your products and services, your strengths and USP, your audience and their media habits.

We know that no two businesses are identical. Irrespective of your business model and domain, your requirements will be unique and hence the content solutions need to be customized. Hence, we learn quickly by asking the right questions.

We start by collating facts and ideas from your existing communication materials and fortify these with a comprehensive online research to learn about the industry best practices, benchmarks, perspectives, news and developments related to your domain.

Armed with these ideas, concepts and views, we build a content map to chart-out the various topics we propose to cover.

Special Cases

Web Copywriting

In case of writing for websites, we include keyword analysis for your business. This helps us target specific geographies as per your online marketing strategy.

Writing for Publications

While editing a book or proofreading a manuscript, we read the entire document and engage the author for further discussions. In case of a disconnect, we ask the author to add, delete or repeat points for more clarity.

Phase 2: Development

The content collection process is followed by a data aligning and idea development phase. The raw content is laid-out as per the sitemap or design and the flow of thoughts is verified. Ideas are often repeated, through examples and case studies, for aiding consistency.

The stages include:

  • Consolidating the matter from various sources
  • Placing raw content as per sitemap
  • Listing link-wise keywords for search engine optimization

Phase 3: Writing Process

The editing process is influenced by factors such as – subject, output medium, size of the project, readability statistics, authoring tools and quality checks.

The Writing Process – In a nutshell

  • Conducting a series of data collection/ brainstorming/ consulting sessions
  • Writing chapters/ sections discussed in step two and reviewing the drafts
  • Submitting the first draft of the complete manuscript
  • Revision and review for feedback/ changes/ addition/ deletion/ etc.
  • Resubmitting the subsequent draft/s
  • Delivering the final content as per specification

The skill of writing is to create a context in which other people can think.

Here at Neels Edit we do just that.

Contact us to avail of our services.